Just whatever random thoughts that I get. A lot of it is media stuff, and there's a little social justice but not near enough for me to feel like I'm doing my part but I'm working on that! Also sometimes I feel depressed so there will be angst-filled posts as well sorry. I tend to go through stages with stuff, obsessing over it and then ignoring it for a while so deal with it. And um thanks for stopping by I guess?

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anyone wanna try and be friendly?

I feel so disconnected lately.

Have for a while, really.

I only have 5 people outside my family that I can definitely say I have meaningful relationships with.

Three of them I met online, one is my friend from when I was real young, and the other I met in middle school.

I try to get involved in stuff, but it just doesn’t work. I always feel like things are one-sided because I’m the only one trying to involve myself. Most things, I’d be the one from a group not invited to some event or other so then I just stop trying because I hate feeling like I’m being a bother by forcing my way into things.

So I’m calling out for anyone that wants to try and build a new friendship.

If you don’t know me and need a conversation-starter, check my fandoms page. Know that I’m not sure if I’m actually a liberal or a Democrat, but I am definitely NOT Republican.

I am nondenominational Christian, 18, a college freshman. I am bi- and demi-sexual, sort of kind of interested in checking out poly stuff maybe. I am pro-choice and part of the 99%, I am a feminist while also knowing that I would wind up being domestic if (financial) circumstances allowed later in life. I don’t do a lot of crafting stuff but I’m starting to pick up cross-stitching (maybe moving up to proper embroidery?) and if I could I would cook. A lot.

I have mother issues and things that might be anxiety attacks but I don’t think they’re severe enough to call them that and bouts of depression so beware of those.

I think that should be enough to kickstart something.

Loverly followers, I’d appreciate it if you could give this a little signal-boost, even though this isn’t as important as other stuff you could be signal-boosting.